Jacek Gorny, the creator of L. Corr Handmade Lures, has been a recognized fishing guide in Ireland for 13 years.
He specializes in expeditions for big pike and trout.

f you are interested in a fishing expedition, please send an email to fishingirelandpl@gmail.com for more information.

Jacek offers both one-day and several-day trips. Individual and group expeditions are catered for.
All additional services such as transport, meals, and accommodation can also be arranged.

L.Corr Lures creator

Let’s meet

Fishingireland.pl was set up in 2008. Its foremost goal is to show anglers how amazing Ireland is with its waters full of big pike and record-sized brown trout. Throughout the few years in business, we have had a chance to meet some fantastic people – both anglers and tourists – who visited us in search of their fish of a dream. To our delight, many of them keep coming back which motivates us to develop an even better offer and make sure our clients are happy. From the outset, we have given all we had to provide the best possible service for our guests in terms of fishing opportunities as well as any other necessities of a fishing expedition. Apart from delivering a high level of fishing service, we take care of important details and the setting of our expeditions, which is not commonplace. The guides leading our guests are expert predator anglers who gained their skills and experience taking part in fishing competitions for many years. Thanks to this they always fight for the best fish until the end of the expedition and never give up.

 The company cooperates closely with a few of the leading fishing/travel agents in Europe. We always work with the best so that our clients are satisfied with both their fishing experience as well as the service and setting that we offer.

 Our clients are always led to the best fishing spots with the help of professional guides in fast and safe boats equipped with all the electronic appliances you need. We organize fishing expeditions for individuals and groups. There is always a friendly atmosphere which makes learning the newest angling techniques much more enjoyable. Just come to Ireland and we will take care of the rest.

If you are still wondering whether it is worth going fishing in Ireland – think no more! It will stay in your memory forever. Join us on a fishing expedition.

Many of you via e-mail inquires about the fishery that we visit along with guests. Here you will find information on lakes and rivers that are in our offer. This will help you see the character of the waters that our guides already selected for you.



Ireland is full of larger or smaller lakes around the country are beautiful rivers, but not all equally fish bestows upon you, as everywhere in the world's fisheries are better and worse. Fishingireland.pl guides constantly travel around the country searching for newer and newer, rich in specimens of the fishery. Often forgotten are the water and found to be unattractive. Unfortunately, we can not give their names, we want to keep it secret so that our customers was able to enjoy the fishing in the fisheries, which are available in the offer. It is very important so that we fish in the calm, the fish are not disturbed, and this is important, especially on expeditions looking for specimens.

Most of our guests come to Ireland in search of your dream specimen pike. Fisheries, which already selected our guides are ideal for use in our opinion the most interesting fishing techniques. It's obviously a popular fishing and incredibly effective jerks and artificial fly. These waters are characterized by a small depth (0.5-5m) and are often overgrown with water plants. This gives great scope for the supporters of both methods. Often in such places caught several big pikes from one set to the boat. Even for a period of late autumn and winter, we have for your water in which these techniques will produce the best results!

Also for fans of trolling fishing lures and rubber, we have a great fishery in which there is no shortage of beautiful pike. Deep tops, edges, and underwater hills are entered in the GPS-y of our guides. If only the fish do not want to cooperate with us in the shallow fishing grounds and are switching to respond quickly to deeper water.

An additional attraction of these places is the beautiful perch, which can be by-catch or the main purpose of our trip. Catching from a few dozen to as many as 200 large specimens of this species in one day is not unusual. Here, very few anglers adjusted for perch, and assure, really worth it!

For trout and salmon anglers have an equally wide range. The choice we both rivers and lakes are rich in both species. Large glacial lakes are home to mainly brown trout and salmon, but in some, it is not difficult. We offer some excellent fishing grounds where you can catch the largest representative of Salmo trutta, Ferox, of course. This is nothing like a big brown trout, which owes its growth in the life of the great food-rich lakes. This fish can reach the weight of several kilograms, and a length of over a meter! Customers often wonder whether to try to hunt for the "King". I assure you that it is worth it. Our guides have the knowledge necessary to the expedition was very successful. As the only company so far on a regular basis for several seasons, we catch these fish in the lake, not only for trolling but also for spinning!

Periodically, these giants appear in the rivers, where they can be caught on spinning. Also this topic our guides have worked out. Emotions that accompany the lobby of this fish in the river are not to be described. Here, I have no room for error or delicate equipment, here goes the real men fight! Few can boast of landing a Ferox in the river, we manage to it regularly! Just know the place and time of year in which we adjust to such fishing.

In our offer, we also have the river where you can better half of "small" brown trout. It is about the size of the fish 40-60cm. These fishing grounds if conditions allow a skilled angler can give away a few / dozen fish in one day. For this frequent bycatch in some salmon rivers will be! I myself personally rarely spend on these rivers more than 4-5 hours. It just became boring for me, the fish are fairly easy to catch. It's a bit sick as I write now, but I prefer to catch two trout in my beloved river in Poland than here 10, though, the local is usually larger.

There are still salmon rivers. In Ireland, there is no shortage of salmon, if only one of you wants to catch the "silver torpedo" our guides take care of you so that you have returned home very happy! In rivers dominated by salmon in the size of 2-4 kg, but anytime you can catch a real specimen.

Our last water fishery is the largest in Ireland, it is of course the ocean. FishingIreland.pl's Guides and this topic have a wealth of knowledge. Previously been worked out very well about the catch of "land". For several seasons now intensively searching fisheries "spinning". I must admit that I did not expect such results. There were days where we caught 100-200 pollack in 2-4 hours. Fish were usually small (30-40cm), but we caught them on a spinning rod to 30g. The front was so fun! Especially those that sometimes sat at 3 kg, for the large Sloth bears, mullet and mackerel brave huge amounts, which we caught up muchówkami. This offer is complementary to our guests and the opportunity to catch something for dinner. Fish from the ocean is not only incredibly strong and beautiful fight, but they are also very tasty.

The expedition

What to wear

The weather in Ireland can be really changeable. It so happens that the morning is beautiful and warm with a clear sky and in just a few hour's time, it starts raining. You have to be prepared for such circumstances. Good water and windproof clothing is a must as well as watertight and warm boots. These are the only necessary things that you have to bring on the expedition.

We offer:

  • Pike fishing (fly fishing, trolling, casting, dead bait)
  • Ferox trout fishing (trolling, lure casting)
  • Brown trout fishing -river/lake (lure casting, trolling, fly fishing)
  • Salmon fishing - river/lake (lure casting fishing, trolling, fly fishing)
  • Perch fishing (lure casting)


I prepared everything for my Guests from A to Z. It is enough for you to arrive in Ireland and I take care of the rest. I do the following: 

  • pick you up from the airport
  • drive you to your accommodation
  • buy the license
  • take you fishing in the best spots at the time provide a warm meal during fishing. Full board is also possible (including breakfast, packed lunch and half-board) 


  • For our guests, we have a comfortable hotel.
  • Each room is equipped with a private bathroom and TV, and a special room for possible dry clothes.
  • The hotel has a restaurant and a traditional Irish pub in the evenings you can enjoy a Guinness or a glass of the best Irish whiskey.

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